Tuesday, December 30, 2008

31 December 2008

Last day of the year. Sun is bright, i forecasted the whole day will be excellent.

Spent last weekend with in laws @ Temerloh. Had a load of fun. Genting Highland was our destination that Mrs Hatta longing for many years. Practically because of the cable car maybe? Not sure why she fancy cable car much.. but its a joyous ride i admit. GH claimed that it is the fastest cable car in the world.. running for 3.4km.

We took the outdoor theme park all ride package. Basically, we have no clue where to head. From looking at the brochure @ the net, outdoor looks fun. So lucky Mrs Hatta purchased the ticket from the net. Not only they are cheaper, we save hours of queue time.
Loaded with large 1901 New York Beef sausage, i am ready for fun... game on!!. Our first ride, Tea Cup... erkkk.. for my kids of course. I paired up with Dea. Mrs Hatta with Iman and Akid (our nephew). Dea is definitely a spinner. She spin and spin non stop. Within second, i started to feel dizzy.. like almost throwing up. Damn.. i underestimate this bloody tea cup ride. They look so innocent, yet they are so killing. Theres one young chinese couple, from the very beginning to the end, they are spinning like crazy, soo fast i bet no one will be able to spin that fast for that duration. I was really amazed with them. The ride lasted for abt 5 mins i guess.. i felt it like forever.. all the minutes i was praying for them to finish early. Dea keep on spinnig and enjoying.. Daddy almost throw up and knocked out. Once its over, i quickly jumped out of the cup.. cursing.

Heading for the next ride.. i saw Malaysia's First Cyclone infront. But my head so dizzy.. dang!!.. Skipped that..

With my head still unwinded, we played may others... Iman and Akid played junior bumper car.. he really digged that. Dea played bug ride for many rounds.. Cowboy ride, Train, etc etc..

At 7pm, wheather was really bad.. thick fog threat GH to close most of the play. We can barely see beyond 20 meters. Then we decided its time to wrap.. phew...

Welcoming 2009. Hoping for the best and amin, all of our prayers to be answered. Insyallah.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ww52 entry. Approaching the last week of 2008

What going on out and about?
Hari Raya Haji hari tu, aku balik kampung. Majlis Korban. The best part, senior citizens kat kampung kali ni, cuma layan sigop, tengok dan beri arahan.. geng2 pelapis kena kerja. Dari start turunkan lembu dari lori, ikat, kasi jatuh (this is the most chalengging part utk rookie macam aku) dan position utk sembelih.. Bab lapah dan timbang, haa.. part tu depa buat.. hasilnya, aku sakit pinggang sampai dekat seminggu. 2 ekor beb.. mmg best. Hari plak tu hujan. Masa ni, dapat jumpa member2 kampung lama yang dan berkurun tak in touch, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand gotong royong. All my salute to abah aku, dan adik aku Faiz. Depa kerja keras lebih dari aku. Tak leh celen. Seminggu dok kampung, mcm2 aktiviti aku buat. Selain dari aku menyetelkan lembu2 tu (sup urat, gear box, dan segala macam hasil mahsul lembu), Kami buat homemade satay ... hehehehe.. boleh la.. Dan buat kali pertama kalinya dalam sejarah hidup, aku bawak both parents aku pi tengok wayang. Tak kira la cerita apa.. janji outing tengok wayang. Hari tu plak ada cerita Cicakman2, Los and Faun, The Day The Earth Stood Still. Timbang punya timbang, kami pilih tengok cerita omputih. hehehhee.. Layan.. Ekin belanja.

Balik kulim hari Sabtu.. aku miss Dept Annual dinner aku.. Ada jugak dalam hati utk catch up.. tapi tak sempat.. On the way back, bermacam persinggahan.. First pit stop Nilai 3.. Pergh wa cakap lu... bawak bini korang pi sini, depa boleh leburkan $$ dalam sekelip mato. macam macam ado... Hasilnya, boot kereta aku penuh.. sampai cover cermin belakang.. ko bayangkan apa yg diborong Mrs Hatta.

Fire fighting kat opis continue... Whole week was so goddamn busy.. mmg busy. escalations, fire fighting, bomb explosions, you name it. I got 3 angry GMs eyeballing me everyday.. luckily, i m as cold as ice.... steady as rock... (you think so.. ? hell to the no.. they scare the hell out of my pants).

Tomorrow, i ll be sending wifey and kids balik kampung. They ll take morning flight to Kuantan. I ll meet them in Temerloh. I have to drive solo on Thursday.

Taking the Christmas weekend off, we ll spend the weekend in Temerloh.. Many plannings drafted.

- Will Liverpool be the champion?
- When will Chong Wei be able to beat Lin Dan?
- Can Obama save the world?
- What it takes to implement Hudud in Malaysia?

Our house's latest development. Almost complete.

Iman with Ben Tennyson @ The Curve

Dea and Iman in Tutu Train @ Sunway Carnival Mall.

With a single receipt purchase of $50, you ll get one free Tutu Train Ride. What a rip off!!!. "They" are playing with our kid's emotion to rip us off.. ni yang wa nak terus membebel ni..

Iman latest addiction. Wall-e.
"A" for Axiom
"B" for Buy N Large. Your very best friend.
Mrs Hatta score at Megamall toy shop for $5.90. What a steal!!

.. Hatta @ Kulim

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lagu hari ini : Permata (Untuk Isteri Ku) - Kopratasa

Telah ku siapkan satu daerah paling sunyi
Dalam hati ini untuk kau isi sebagai isteri
Untuk kau penuhi dengan kemuliaan seorang wanita
Untuk kau beri erti dengan kelembutan

Untuk kau hargai dengan kasih sayang
Ku ingin kau jadi wanita mulia
Yang tahu harga budi dan hati
Seorang lelaki bernama suami

Kerana engkau isteri
Ku ingin kau mengerti bahawa hidup ini
Tak semudah yang kita janjikan
Yang kita janjikan
Kerana kau isteriku

i love you Mrs Hatta...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

... down and out. selsema + batuk.

Since last week, Iman demam + batuk + selsema. Lepas tu dia passdown plak kat aku.. Last weekend aku mabuk nak selsema + batuk. Parah.. sore throat mendatang.

Hari ni tak pegi kerja, lepak kat rumah dengan Iman + Dea + Yo (adik ipar aku).
Walaumacamanapun, still aku kena attend meeting from home, macam macam masalah ada. Yo bangun kol 3pm.. perghh.. power punya tido.

Besok aku dah menjangka akan terpaksa memadam api kebakaran..


Monday, November 24, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know?
Everything that can be invented has already been invented
So, who invented the paperclip?
Hotly debated global warming issue
First submarine designed in 1578
5 billion crayons produced every year
Guy on $10 bill shot by Vice President
"Dollar" has origins in the Roman Empire
Budweiser beer named after Czech town
Paul Revere never completed journey
Leaning Tower of Pisa never straight
First credit card issued in 1951
Longest cruise liners in the world
365 different languages in Indonesia
Human head contains 22 bones
Westminster Abbey in London
19 major earthquakes every year
Mathematical decimal system introduced in 4BC
70% of earth's dryland affected by desertification
Sargasso Sea without coastline
Ilyushin-76TD world's largest waterbomber
Half world's population seen at least one 007 movie
One of the Seven Wonders still survives
The Third Millennium
1 hour 6 minutes per day spent on traveling
Products take 100 years to get to marketplace
Latest sightings of the Loch Ness monsters
Why is there no ham in a hamburger?
Oscar Awards held twice in 1930
More movies produced in India than Hollywood
Cows do not have upper front teeth
92 nuclear bombs lost at sea
One in ten people lives on an island
Valentine's celebrated Feb 15th, not 14th
2 700 languages spoken in the world
Diamond breaks if hit with hammer
Tomato world's most popular fruit
World's largest flower
Dinosaurs did not eat grass
More than 20,000 brands of beer
Fresh egg will sink in water, stale one won't
It once was law to say "God bless you"
Anders Celsius's boiling water
One-eyed crustaceans kill mosquitos
Bird that barks instead of sing
Ships captains keep pigs on board
Only place flag is not saluted
World's tallest buildings
Eating with fork considered scandalous
Espresso with less caffeine than cup of coffee
April Fool
Who invented spectacles (eyeglasses)
History and origins of Christmas
Origins of Easter and Easter bunny
Can opener invented 48 years late
Traffic lights used before advent of motorcar
Peter the Great tax people with beards
Gibraltar named after a former slave
King of chefs and melba toast
Mercedes cars named after Austrian girl
British royal family change surname
Bank of America start as Bank of Italy
One billion bicycles
Many kings mad!
Napoleon possibly died of poisoning
Wright Brother test airplane in wind tunnel
Products designed simultaneously
Cause for Alzheimer's Disease unknown
World population growth and food for all
Nostradamus predictions for World War III
Aspirin discovered during experimentation
Emmy award first called "Immy"
World's highest bridge
The first stone lighthouse
Nothing between 3 and 13 September
Water everywhere
Thanksgiving held twice in 1815

go to http://www.didyouknow.cd/facts.htm

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All Blacks vs Ireland

FT : (22-3)

Rating (1-10)

Tialata : 4. Collapse scrummage. Not effective in backline support.
Keven : 4. Line out loss. Communication breakdown. Is he nervous? i can see a little i guess?
Woodcock : 6. Minus 2 points for punching then sin bin.
Brad : 7. Super performance.
Ali : 9. Superb performance.
Keano : 10. Step aside Jerry Collins!!
Richie : 8. Excellent in controlling the lost line outs. Reset the team in 2nd half.
Rodney : 8. Leave all the dirty work to Rodder.. he ll finish it.
J. Cowan : 1. I thought BK was worst.. but Cowan.. goodness.. so scrappy.. cant imagine why he is in 1st team line up. Weepu plays better as replacement. GH badly needs a good scrumhalf. Worldclass std. Cowan/Weepu wont do. Someone to match Du Preez.
Dan Carter : 6. Minus 2 points for missing the first 2 penalty. Super in few line bursting. Works very well with Nonu.
Nonu : 10. Perfect 10. Attack, defense, tackling, bursting, kicking, everything.. i see Umaga in him. maybe better in few more years.
Conrad : 5. so so.
Joe : 7. Suprisingly, he pass a lot. :) Give him the ball Mils!!
Mils : 8. Superb attacking and coverage. I still wonder why he dont pass to Joe for 2 attacks he did where clearly Joe has open space and maintain to stay wide.

Sivivatu : 7. Quickwitted. He response very well to the game.

O'Driscoll and O'Gara played very well.. All the respects to the Irish.. unfortunately the others were ill-diciplined.

Kapa O' Pango!

.. Hatta@Kulim


Wifey's latest addiction : Cupcakes and bakeries. Later then it becomes our family's fun activity. Watching Dea assisting Ibu in making those cupcakes decorations, Iman as a food tester, priceless...

Who knows one day, my wife can quit her programming job right now, if her cupcakes biz effort is successful. I always dreamt of her not having to work 9-5 to help support the family.

Support Our Troops!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Busy.. super... like everyone else.

for the past 3 months, aku bizi.. super bizi. mungkin aku org lapan terbizi skang ni.
Ranking org org terbizi aku rasa.. heheh
1) Barack Obama
2) Lewis Hamilton
3) Graham Henry
4) Anne Nixon Cooper
5) Joe The Plumber
6) Pak Lah (bizi buat apa tak tau?)
7) James Hetfield
8) Aku
Escalation, due dates, etc. it starts to find its way to impact my personal life. Like a virus. I probably have 2-3 hours max daily with my family. Course it were interrupted by calls, emails, meetings yada..yada..yada..
Heck.. Can i make up all the losses? Times gone dude.. its gone. You gotta to use other time allocated for other stuff to make up for those losses that makes you regret and awfully uncomfortable with. But the question, what will happen to the time allocated to do other equally important stuff to be sacrifice? Then comes the priority question. Anything in the world equally important as your family?

Its all challenges.. make us mature.. how we juggle work vs personal. How we allows the virus spreading inside. Whats the antidote? Whos selling it? US!!

ohh.. crap..


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama creates history.... 44th US President.

Can Obama :-
1) ends 2 wars. Afghanistan and Iraq?
2) ends the worst economic crisis in the century?
3) creates a less arrogant America?

All the best Mr. President.


Lewis Hamilton : Mercedes McLaren.

Today I read in the news that lewis hamilton of mclaren mercedes is gonna be world best paid sportsman. Guess how much? Freakin £100million brotha!!! What??? I start to think... Dang!! I am in the wrong profession man. Honest. With the current job I am living in, if I am to be working for the next 100 years and all my salary goes to the bank, I eat sand and grass everyday (hopefully theres no charge for that), drinks skyjuice... If its raining, if not, I ll settle for water cooler at the office pantry, living in a box so I can avoid rental... theres no freakin way I ll be able to scratch £100million. Dang!
but seriously, that Hamilton guy has the quickest reflect I be ever seen in f1 racers. He is quick, damn fast and has the attitude. Off course mercedes build good cars, but with hamilton in the pit, they really compliment each other man.. Its different. We haven't seen mercedes at this superb performance before since mika.
My salute goes to filipe massa as well. He raced awesomely. He settled 1st podium more than LH. But he loss many too. Zero points. The last race in brazil, he has done his best. But at the last corner LH managed to tookover the 5th place guy. Nothing much massa can do. If kimi was able to contain LH from getting 5th place, we won't be reading another history been written today.
Afterall, hey Hamilton, if you happen to have difficulties in spending those £, let me know. I happen to know a bank acct that is nearly empty. Waiting to be filled. I'm sure it can slip a million or two there. I don't mind accepting in RM as well. Good job dude!!! Race harder next season!

Visit www.lewishamilton.com dude!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Black Canyon - Jusco Bandar Perda

Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu Friends ; Lunch time semalam lepas aktiviti melipat kain setinggi Gunung Fuji, maleh nak masak kat rumah, dan tak de mood nak masak pun, aku & family pegi Jusco Bandar Perda. Lunch kat Black Canyon.. My all time favourite lunch place. My preffered menu is always the Salted Fish Fried Rice. Perghh.. mmg sedap.. always.. been to this place for many times and many locations (Perda, Kuantan, Johor Bahru), my order is always the Salted Fish Fried Rice plus with Prawn Tomyam.

Tapi semalam, aku try something else plak. Spicy Stir Fried Rice with Salmon and Basil... still with Prawn Tomyam... Wow.. not bad at all.. not bad at all.. They added fresh and crunchy pepper corn that really adds character and flavour to the dish. Krupp.. krupp aku bantai pepper corn tu.

The Prawn Tomyam? puhh.. the best!!.. really the best.. never failed to impress me. Even Mak aku pun cakap Prawn Tomyam dia sedap..

A ++ !!

Sar Hor Fan for Wifey, i guess that went well with the awesome super sour refreshing Lime Juice.

Fried Rice Wrapped in Egg with Chicken and Prawn for the kiddos.. After lunch, ayah promise to go for icecream!. Hehehee..

Alhamdulillah, as always, i really enjoy the foods here and will definitely be back. Strong Recommendation!!

Afterall, Thanks to wifey. She belanja today's lunch.. Insyallah, Allah akan memberkati rezeki Yang dan dilimpahi lagi rezeki yg banyak dan berkat.

.. Hatta @ Kulim Food Channel.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Din - Bawal Panas : Air Merah, Kulim

Semalam, aku n Mrs lunch kat Din : Bawal Panas kat Air Merah, Kulim. Berhadapan dengan RnZ. Pernah aku try sekali dulu kat Bandar Perda dinner Bawal goreng panas.. (actually 2 kali - sbb the second time, dah tak tau nak pi mana).. hampeh.. nak garing sangat sampai jadik kering dan overburned, dan ikan tu aku rasa dah lama in the fridge. Tak pe, try sekali lagi.. Kali ni kat Kulim plak. Mana la tau..
I learned that nothern region folks (or in Kedah only, i m not sure) mmg appreciate Bawal Goreng Panas.. Freshly Fried Pomfret. Bawal ni (Bawal Hitam), mmg jenis ikan yg mempunyai teksture daging yg lembut. Even tulang dia pun lembut. Boleh henjut sekali dengan tulang tulang dia.. tambah kalau goreng garing sikit.. Kalau aku, dengan kepala ikan tu sekali aku ngap. Tapi kalu tercokik tongah tokak ekau, mau terjengkang jugak ekau setongah mati.. Jadi, berhati2.

Jenis2 ikan favourite aku -
Laut :
Jenahak - .... perghhhh, wa cakap lu.. nak pulak Mrs aku yg masak,.. kari plak, mmg mantap. The best in the world. Serius.. Bukan nak jack, tapi... mmg the best. Hehehee..

Terubuk - tak lain tak bukan.. semestinya di panggang. Kat Kulim ada satu port best ikan terubuk panggang yg terbaik. Berhadapan dengan Kelang Lama (Kelang as of "e" taling). Org dulu dulu sebut Kilang.. jadik Kelang la.. Nanti kalau aku pegi sekali lagi, aku akan put up in the log. Terubuk ni, macam yg korang tau, byk tulang.. so, berhati hati kalau nak membalun. Tak leh nak jadik lauk sangat... best meratah. Skill menarik tulang kena cekap, baru bleh enjoy ini terubuk. Org Sarawak depa belasah jadik ikan masin jek. Aku dengar org cakap, telur ikan terubuk ni, sekilo mau cecah seratus hinggit.. Wallahua'lam.

Sungai :
Forever No 1 : Baung. Subhanallah... Ikan baung ni, mmg dari aku kecik, adalah ikan sungai favourite aku nombor wahid. Masak apa? ... Asam pedas.. tapi kena Mak aku yg masak.. Masyaallah.. tak payah nasik pun takpe.. Boleh lupa alam sekitar dan keadaan ekonomi yg sedang kawat sekarang ni.. Alan Greenspan kalau announce Federal Rates increase by 20% or kalau Pak Lah announce minyak naik balik $0.80 pun, boleh sampai tahap, rilek dulu.. kasi settle ini ikan baung dulu.. Nanti baru kita attend permasalahan tu.Kalau gi mancing pun, always target aku ialah baung.. udang ka apa ka, hangpa sapu.. aku mmg tunggu baung.. Kat area kulim/kedah ni, kurang popular ikan baung ni.. tak tau sbb apa..

Berbalik pada Din Bawal.. cis.. wa merapu panjang sangat. Hehehee..

Aku amik nasik separuh, ulam dan sayur pucuk paku.. then order Bawal goreng panas satu.. then tunggu.. dekat 10 mins, bawal pun sampai.. freshly fried. yummm... Aku pun cubit sikit.. ehh. .not bad la.. terus aku balun tak tinggal..

Drinks - air mata kucing aka longan aka bidara. macamacam nama la buah ni. Alhamdulillah.. best..
- Hatta@ Kulim Food Channel

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Breeks - Gurney Plaza

Breeks - Gurney Plaza. It is the second time we dine at this joint. The first one was ok.. This time, it's better.. why? i dont know. Maybe the menu choices we made are better then before, the environment is less crowded as well.

Tired after a 7 hours of terrorizing shopping walking fighting with Dea and Iman at Queensbay, we headed to Gurney Plaza for dinner. Actually to find the other white EIC Kebaya for Yang.... Dinner is a compliment.

Anyway, @ Breeks : Seafood Rice for Dea and Iman, Baked Dory with Pasta for Yang and Cajun Chicken Chop for me to chow + Fresh Brew coffee. The coffee is surprisingly good.

Price : Fair.
Foods : Not bad at all. Chicken Chop is ok. Baked Dory with Pasta - Yummy. Seafood Rice is great.
Dang! : We requested for warm water and it took them 30 donkey minutes to send three glasses on the table.... and after we asked from 3 waiters. Luckily they dont charge warm water.. probably thats why.

Rating : 2.7 out of 5.

... Hatta