Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Best Briyani In Town ... i swear...

I was introduced to this place few years back by friends who are already hooked up by the deliciousness of their Nasi Briyani. Back then, we were on our way back from a camping trip in Penang to Kulim. A stop by at this nasi kandar restaurant to fill up, since our breakfast that morning were only sandwiches. It was amazing at that time.. i was keep thinking of the Briyani.. the softness, the fragrant smell, arghhh... but being me.. though i live in Kulim, Penang map was not like at the back of my hand.... Few attempts to go to that place again failed..

Last week, school holiday, all the time we have to spend, we were looking for a place to eat before we head to Feringghi, i suggested to wifey, why dont we make another attempt to that place again.. The kids at the back, realizing that we are stopping by for lunch, start making the zoo noises... but never mind that.. soon as we exit ferry, i bravely drove thru the maze of Little India.. wrong!.. 15 minutes spent.. cant find the restaurant.. stopped and asked around.. they pointed out Campbell Street.. i nodded.. i see.. i see.... but the truth is i have no frickin' idea where the heck Campbell Street is.. but crap... i must find this place.. Few U turns, left and right, small road i never imagine that they existed before.. suddently, bang!! there it is... standing majestically on our left side... yahoooo.. we ve arrived!!! we ve arrived!!

Like a mad man who havent eat for 102 years, we all quickly barged in to the restaurant.. go to the counter, ordered, waiting... waiting... the drink came... waiting... and finally the Briyani is served.. this will be the testamony of this place.. is it really good as we had them before or, we were hungry campers back then..

the first bite, yummmm... i m speechless.. the softness, the fragrant smell, the spices mix... they are really wonderful. The Nasi Briyani is a really stand out... the real thing that you can even eat it on its own. no curry, chicken, beef, or lamb needed..

i would strongly reccomend anyone in the world to try this place... where?

Established since 1907

hehheheee... koro kan gua.. Hameediah pun tak tau nak pi macamana.. apa nak buat..