Sunday, February 1, 2009

Viva La Rafa

No. 1 for No. 1 No.2 for No. 2

Its all started with heavy psychological tension game from Rafael Nadal camp to Roger Federer's. Rafa claimed that he is tired and kicked out after a gruesome 5 hours plus match with fellow Spaniard Verdasco. With less than 40 hours rest time compared to Fed's 2 days of long sleep and mental preparation, Rafa is to match the world claimed The Best of All Time Player.

Many people doubt Rafa will retain the No 1 throne for long. Hardcourt turf is the challenge. And he is just 22. Dang!

To my eyes, the final game was very psychological tension, highly technical and energy consuming. Federer tried to tire down Rafa with deep shot to the left and right of the court, (copy from Rafa) drop shots, but Rafa super fit, unlimited energy where the heck he got them from is major major problem to Fed. If its not due to too many unforced errors from Fed, he could have make it. Maybe... The fact the Rafa managed to return back all the Fed's unbelievable shots, really killed Fed's game.
Rafa also produced more aces in the game.
Anyway, it was indeed and epic match between the two living legends. Rafa clearly is far fitter than Federer. Power of banana maybe?